There are two ways of spreading light
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it

Edith Wharton


by Paula Kouwenhoven
Born in the Netherlands, but living and working in Italy for years.
Yvonne Muizert contains several layers as an artist within her. In these layers different emotions become visible, depending on the material and the discipline she is working with. These differences are clearly perceptible in her canvasses, sculptures and digital work. But they all bear one resemblance: the analytical capacities of the artist.
This is not so surprising. Yvonne Muizert has a past of being an tecnician, making analyses and comment on them is her second nature. She always researches her theme or subject and also does this with the materials she wants to use. Her creative and passionate spirit always takes a human measure in this. She makes the subject and the materials merge into each other in a way that we, the observers, immediately recognize a human emotion in her creation. We look in the mirror of the soul of the artist. Look at her sculpture ‘El Misterio’ or her painting ‘Structure in Chaos’ and feel the warmth she is radiating towards us.
In her ‘Viaggio a Serenità’ Yvonne Muizert has found a new way. A way of equanimity and peace, a way of serenity. A Dutch writer once said it so capturing: ‘Serenity is the triumph of the (antique) art.’ And in this way Yvonne Muizert triumphs over herself, look at her (new) art she created in 2011 on one of the Japanese Okinawa islands. On beautiful Japanese paper she conjures up scenes of pure rest and harmony, in which a rhythmic game of lines awakens suggestions of the serene nature around her. A prevailing white accentuates the power of Muizert’s language: her inner rests that shapes an overwhelming silence.

The art of Yvonne Muizert is for those, who are prepared to return some of its warmth. Only then can the artist go forward on her road to inspiration and structure in her art. A wholesome road.


  2016 - Solo exhibition ‘eXtrusion’ Gallery Spazio 100 - Torino, Italy
  2016 - Kunstschouw, Atelier Daniëlle Orelio - Burgh Haamstede, the Netherlands
  2016 - Affordable Art Fair Milano, Gallery Spazio 100 - Torino, Italy
  2015 - “Kunstmo(ve)ment”, Diepenheim, the Netherlands
  2015 - “Kunstschouw”, Zeeland - Schouwen, the Netherlands
  2014 - 2015 “Artista in vetrina”, Ad-Art, Torino, Italy
  2014 - 2015 “La felicità a cui l’umo aspira è a nostro dispozione”,
                       Centro Arte Lupier, Gardone Valtrompia, Italy
  2014 “WAD Poëzie”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2014 “Sperimentare”, Mercallo, Italy
  2013 “Papermates”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2013 “WAD Poëzie”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2012 “Women in Red”, Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
  2012 “landscape as a memory”, LAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2012 “Secret Box”, Villa Giulia, Verbania, Italy
  2012 “WAD Poëzie”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2011 “Sculptures II”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2011 “Exchange”, Atelier-K, Yokohama, Japan
  2011 “Exchange”, Okinawa Prefectural museum, Naha, Japan
  2011 “Dichter bij Delft IV”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2010 “Dichter bij Delft III”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2009 “Art under the Volcano”, Afandi Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  2009 “Agorà”, Centro Arte Lupier, Gardone Valtrompia, Italy
  2009 “Dichter bij Delft II”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2008 “Recycle Art”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands
  2007 “Borstbeelden”, WAD, Delft, the Netherlands