Joyce Bloem
Simone Ten Bosch
Laura Branca
Pierluigi Cattaneo
Jan van Dorp
Ann Derkx
Sarantis Gagas
Georgia Grigoriadou
Claudia Haberkern
Seiko Kajiura
Raphaël Keyzer
Paula Kouwenhoven
Els Otten
Michele Scaciga
Randolph John Schwidder
Dodog Soeseno
Yoshiki Takata
Bianca Tangande
Tamaar Tóth Varjú


the Netherlands
Papermates - 'In de voetsporen van Jan Schoonhoven'
Art on paper has been seen for a long time on flat paper or cardboard. In the meantime she has developed herself from pulp, holographic and digital paper into a three-dimensional size.
The artists of the sympsoium made paper, mould, sketches, cut out, made combinations, explore, experiment and create with each other as well as autonomous by themselves. One gets energy from each other, stores energy and uses it within the design of his art on paper. The footsteps of Schoonhoven have to lead the participants to a new world of paper that will leave new footsteps behind.
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the Netherlands
Landscape as a memory
A landscape fascinates and puzzles us on different levels. A group of (inter)national visual artists have focused one week together on the typical Dutch landscape around WAD, Delft, the Netherlands.
This resulted in 3D sculptures in different materials.
Most of the works kan still be seen in the sculpture park of World Art Delft.
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Visual artists from Japan and Europe have cooperated together on the isle of Tokashiki-jima to present a common exhibition.
The laboratory setting has been prolific for a joint search for the perfect shape and balance between man and nature. It is a reflection on the importance of the surrounding sea.
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‘Art under the Volcano’
The choice of the theme "Art under the volcano' has a fundamental relationship with the worldwide fear for the outbreak of calamities as an eventual effect of crises, climate change, painful social differences. ArenĀ“t we actually dancing on a volcano, which can erupt every moment?
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the Netherlands
‘Recycle Art’
Maybe design will be different in the near future, resulting in less waste. Now waste is still a real problem.
A group of international artist showed on this theme their visions.
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the Netherlands
This symposium is a language of images in paint, textile, glass and pictures. All work shows the thoughts of the artists about brest cancer.
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World Art Delft
the Netherlands
Okinawa Prefectural Art Museum
Art Centre Delft
the Netherlands
Affandi Museum
Herman Kempers